Adore Me Harnesses AI for Elevated Team Synergy and Collaboration

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The direct-to-consumer lingerie brand, owned by Victoria’s Secret, is broadening its use of generative AI to enhance customer experiences, craft marketing materials, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

This latest partnership will see Google’s Duet AI integrated across Adore Me’s communication apps, with a view to upping collaboration and co-creation capabilities for the brand’s 550 global employees in Cloud-based products such as Slides and Docs. 

Adore Me was purchased earlier this year by Victoria’s Secret and the brand has become well-known for its inclusive sizing and digitally-native, innovative attitude to tech. This includes its proprietary “Home Try-On” platform capabilities and commitment to sustainability in product development and tracking carbon footprints. 

The company serves over 1.2 million active users and offers monthly subscription options. The company generated an estimated $250 million of profitable sales in fiscal year 2022.

The lingerie brand has been a long-time user of Google Workspace and Ranjan Roy, Adore Me’s VP of strategy, says the ability to communicate asynchronously using the  platform’s collaboration tools has been “foundational” to Adore Me’s “overall success as a distributed, data-driven company.” 

Adore Me’s AI Journey

Interest and investment in artificial intelligence has been a long-term goal for the brand. In a recent conversation with RIS, Roy spotlighted the DTC’s ongoing commitment to digital innovation and transformation. At the time, the company said it was leveraging AI to streamline copywriting processes and free up employees to take on more value-added tasks. 

“Natural language generation technology is the future of retail, and we want to be ahead of the curve,” Roy told RIS. “AI-generated content should help you with the boring, structured stuff. A writer who wants to work on more creative endeavors should have the time to do that, and not have to worry about the day-to-day, monotonous work.”

As a result of this endeavor, Adore Me saw that conversion rates were unaffected when a product description was written by a human versus by the AI platform, meaning the company could free up writers’ time to work on more high-impact and creative products. 

“Our content processes are better and more efficient,” said Roy. “The result has been significant time saved for employees – 30-40 hours saved per month per writer for writing product descriptions, and cutting down writing time by 20% to 50% in other areas.”

This story also appeared on RIS News, a sister publication of CGT. 

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