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Revving up Retail Execution: Setting up the Metrics for Smart Tech Investments

As the challenges of COVID start to recede, a new set of considerations is rising up in their place. From understanding the relationship between digital and online sales, to thriving at the shelf level, to enhancing in-store execution, the pressure is on for CPG teams to navigate ongoing uncertainty while also making the most of new opportunities.  

Retail execution remains a crucial investment for teams to boost sales. In today's dynamic market conditions, it has become even more business-critical to make sure REX technologies and integrations are optimized effectively — not least in tracking their return on investment. 

In this fireside chat, Mat Brogie, CEO of Repsly, delves into practical ways to accurately track and assess ROI, while giving examples of how these technologies are enabling businesses to gain greater visibility into their strategies, and pinpoint what’s needed to drive growth.