Shiseido Draws Up First-Party Data Strategy

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Shiseido is laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive consumer analytics strategy, looking to cultivate a better-connected and personalized digital experience across its brand portfolio. 

The No. 60 publicly owned consumer goods company has tapped Amperity to spearhead the initiative and hopes to leverage the AI-powered platform to draw together data from all online and offline touchpoints — including pre-purchase, point-of-sale, and post-purchase customer care — to curate unified customer profiles. 

Once these profiles are built, the company aims to use them to target shoppers with personalized communications throughout their shopper journey. 

Kristin Morseman, SVP Americas digital transformation at Shiseido Americas, said the partnership would enable the company to “unify and activate all of our customer data with the goal of creating a seamless omnichannel journey for our customers." 

These capabilities are particularly business-critical for a global, omnichannel brand like Shiseido, whose business depends on presenting customers with the products they want, in the channel they most prefer, the company said. 

Consumer Data’s Changing Tides 

The way brands approach and use consumer data is in constant flux, spurred largely by the need to adapt to changing privacy laws, cookie depreciation, and shifting customer attitudes to sharing their information.

As data regulations become more stringent, crafting an effective data strategy has become increasingly challenging for brands. In response, many brands are opting to consolidate, unify, and segment their consumer insights under one umbrella. 

“What consumers feel about privacy is constantly a moving target. [...] In the long run, firms will benefit most when they are transparent about how they collect and utilize consumer data and give consumers some say in what is collected, analyzed, and shared,” J. Andrew Petersen, associate professor of marketing at the Smeal School of Business at Penn State, shared in a recent conversation with CGT

This need is particularly pronounced for large, global companies that have a number of different brands to their name — including Shiseido.

Authentic Brands, for example, recently embarked on a new data management strategy aimed at unifying consumer insights and leveling up digital experiences across its roster of brands. 

Similarly, Tapestry, the parent company of Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman, has implemented a consumer data platform that allows the company to harness consumer data across the entire value chain, integrating insights into their day-to-day decision-making, product development process, and overall understanding of the consumer journey. 

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