CGT Editorial Standards

Editorial Mission

Consumer Goods Technology is the trusted source of intelligence for consumer goods executives looking to make smarter IT and business decisions.

CGT exists to inform, empower and connect industry-leading consumer goods executives who seek transformational business growth through the implementation of innovative technology.

CGT is dedicated to sharing industry-leading news and insights, providing best-in-class solutions and strategies, and connecting you with a community of leaders to ensure success in the rapidly changing consumer landscape.

Editorial Goals

High standards for the quality and trustworthiness of the information and perspectives CGT provides to our audience are fundamental to the success of our business. 

The consistent key goals for all of our editorial content is to be independent, fair, and accurate. We aim to provide high-value information from knowledgeable expert sources that helps our audience make the best possible decisions for their businesses. 

In addition, the CGT editorial team leverages the collective brainpower and influence of its Executive Council — made up of industry insiders and thought leaders — to inform its reporting and editorial planning. 

Sourcing Transparency

Any information we publish that has not been created by the CGT team is attributed to the source from which it was derived. Any content paid for by an advertiser is clearly labeled as “sponsored content.” Any content that is editorially independent but created with the help of specific funding from an advertiser may be labeled “sponsored by” or “presented by.”


We make every effort to verify and fact check the information we publish. If you believe something we publish is inaccurate, please notify CGT Editor-in-Chief Lisa Johnston via [email protected]