Hustle Clean CEO and Former NFL Running Back Justin Forsett to Deliver Opening Keynote at CGSM 2023

justin forsett

Justin Forsett, CEO and co-founder of personal care products company Hustle Clean, will deliver the opening keynote address during the 2023 Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, providing a masterclass on how to get the ball rolling in CPG success and the leadership traits needed to inspire excellence.

Many will know Forsett from his celebrated career as an NFL running back, where he spent nine years playing across seven different teams. These days, Forsett brings his knowledge of teamwork, collaboration, and determination to a new role: CEO of Hustle Clean, a rising star in the essential consumer goods landscape. This achievement has not only elevated his personal and professional growth but has also allowed him to inspire the pursuit of service on a different kind of playing field.  

During “From the Backfield to the Boardroom: Justin Forsett's Playbook for Unstoppable CPG Success,” Forsett will deliver inspiring lessons leading through change, learning from setbacks, and defining true CPG success.

Attendees will be inspired by Forsett’s story, and will leave armed with actionable insights on how to build a winning strategy for triumphant business growth. 

Success Redefined

This year’s Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit, held Oct. 4-6, provides industry leaders across the CG space the opportunity to collaborate within the emerging tech hub of Austin. Celebrating its 20th year, sessions will include discussions led by industry experts on the latest innovations and how to measure success within the industry accurately.

This event theme focuses on redefining industry success so attendees can establish and align with the right metrics that really have an impact.