E-commerce Reimagined: Tracking Whirlpool’s Path to Pragmatic Composability


"Composability" is a buzz term for a reason and Whirlpool’s commerce technology journey offers a prime example of these processes in action. 

Composable commerce, characterized by modularity, agility, and a focus on the consumer, is central to Whirlpool's strategy for success, enabling the company to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The company’s approach to digital commerce architecture prioritizes creating exceptional customer experiences, leveraging its multi-brand portfolio across multiple countries, and emphasizing both rapidity of learning and speed to scale. 

On August 29th, Albert Guffanti, VP, retail technology group sat down with Whirlpool's global data, technology & transformation officer, Murat Genc, VTEX’s founder and co-CEO, Mariano Gomide, and Justin Honaman, head, worldwide consumer products & retail GTM and head, worldwide food & beverage at AWS to delve into the transformational impact of this "pragmatic composable commerce” strategy, and how Whirlpool has responded to market changes and uncertainty by continuously improving its products and supply chain capabilities.