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How Petco Leverages Analytics to Fetch Pricing Insights in the Data Cloud

Watch this webinar and join Snowflake Industry Principal for Retail & Consumer Goods, Leslie Lorenz, as she sits down with Mona Birjandi, Principal Economist, and Piyush Singhal, Senior Director of Engineering Platform Architecture at Petco to see how the company leverages data to optimize retail pricing and promotion strategies.

In this webinar you’ll hear:

  • How Petco's Snowflake implementation serves a single source of truth and how it enables the company's marketing, pricing, and data science teams to achieve business goals.
  • How Petco leverages data to optimize its pricing and promotion strategies.
  • How Petco delivers personalized promotions at scale to the right customer segment, on the right SKU, at the right time.
  • And more!